Idera is a developer of system tools and developer tools.

Best software by Idera

Idera SQL Diagnostic Manager
SQL Diagnostic Manager gives you 24x7 SQL monitoring, alerting and diagnostics.
SQL fragmentation analyzer
It is a free tool that detects fragmentation across SQL Servers.
Idera SQL job manager
View and manage SQL Server jobs across multiple servers.

Popular programs by Idera

Idera SQLtoolbox
SQL toolbox is a group of essential tools for DBAs and developers.
Idera SQL defrag manager
It is a program that allows you to find and fix SQL fragmentation.
Idera SQL XEvent Profiler
You can view sessions running on servers and the SQL statements.
Idera SQLsafe Backup Service
Fast, compressed and encrypted SQL backup.
Idera SQLpermissions
A tool for transferring logins and permissions from one SQL Server to another.

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